Valerie Kristofik

Dr. Holcroft is a great family dentistry! I’ve been a patient of Dr. Holcroft for years now. Very nice, wonderful and caring people he has working for him and his office. Which definitely makes it a nice place to walk into. I’ve never had a problem scheduling an appointment that fits my schedule, never had an excessive amount of wait time for an apt, no problem ever rescheduling an appointment if I couldn’t make it, they’d fit me in promptly when I could. He does a fantastic job on my teeth. Never in any pain when he does his procedures. He is very thorough about what he does never had to come back for something being wrong with what he had done to my teeth. I have recommended Dr. Holcroft to anybody that has asked me about a family dentistry and would continue to do so.

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Ask A General Dentist - FAQs About Dental Implants

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When You Should Get A Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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