Crowns and Bridges in Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Missing or damaged teeth can certainly have an impact on the appearance of a person’s smile. If you’ve found yourself hiding your teeth or avoiding smiling due to a dental problem, then you may be interested in learning the many options that are available to you.

You’ve likely heard of crowns and bridges before since they are two of the most common procedures performed. However, you may not fully understand what each of these options is and how they can help restore your smile.



What are Crowns?

If you have single teeth that are discolored or otherwise damaged, then you’ll likely want to consider crowns as a restorative option. Crowns are used to fully cover a damaged tooth. It simply caps over the existing tooth. In some cases, it is used to strengthen a tooth, while other circumstances require that a crown is used to repair the alignment and shape of a tooth. A crown is even an option to place on top of an implant in order to replicate a tooth shape for proper use. Crowns are easily matched to existing teeth to ensure that your smile continues to look natural.

· Other reasons your dentist may suggest crowns:

· Cover a tooth after a root canal

· Replace filling when there isn’t enough natural tooth remaining

· Restore a cracked tooth

· Attach a bridge

Some patients worry that a crown will be obvious. However, a skilled dentist will take the time to make it completely unnoticeable. You’ll simply walk away with a full smile!

What are Bridges?

Bridges are commonly used to repair gaps that have formed from missing teeth. Bridges may be used for single teeth, but are commonly used for multiple missing teeth. Unfortunately, if you leave gaps untreated, then surrounding teeth will turn and shift inward. This can lead to even more dental issues down the road. Bridges help repair the problem and save the rest of your smile.

Bridges are actually cemented to the existing teeth so that it is not removable. Because bridges need an “anchor,” it is attached to either an existing tooth or implant.

Many Options to Choose From

Crowns and bridges come with many options to best suit patient’s needs. For instance, both bridges and crowns are customized to fit your mouth. They can be made from a variety of materials, including porcelain, ceramic, and a combination of other materials. Care and attention will be given to the proper shade in order to make the end product look as closely as possible to the rest of your teeth.

Expectations of Crowns and Bridge

When a patient receives a crown or bridge, they can expect them to last a lifetime. However, there are instances in which they could fail. It’s important to practice good oral care in order to keep the crowns and bridges in proper working order. You’ll want to be sure to brush and floss regularly and attend your regular check-ups to avoid gum diseases as this could also influence the longevity of the crowns and bridges.


If you’re unhappy with your teeth, then it is likely time to do something about it. Crowns and bridges are popular choices that many patients rely on to restore their smile and confidence. While each one serves its own purpose, you can be sure that they each can be used in effective ways.

If you would like to learn more about crowns and bridges or another dental procedure, please contact our office. We are more than happy to answer your questions and provide the guidance that you need to get the smile that you deserve.