Routine Cleanings in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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Most of us are raised knowing that it is important to clean our teeth every day. Nevertheless, this habit can slip when we are busy or tired and even though we might make the effort to clean them, often it is not for as long as we should, or the brushing is not as effective as is ideal. Nevertheless, cleaning our teeth at home is essential if we are to maintain good oral health and keep our teeth looking attractive.

In addition to your at-home brushing, your dentist will also recommend that you attend routine cleaning appointments. These are where you go into your dentist’s office and let a professional clean your teeth on your behalf. Routine dental cleanings are one of the most effective ways of keeping your teeth and gums healthy and most people are recommended to schedule these appointments at least every six months. However, some patients would benefit from more frequent routine cleanings.

We are passionate about helping our patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles and our routine cleaning service is one of the ways in which we can support you in reaching this goal.

Who performs a routine dental clean?

Most of our dental cleanings are performed by our dental hygienists who are experienced in carrying out truly comprehensive and thorough cleans and take a ‘whole mouth’ approach when looking after your smile. This means that in addition to cleaning your teeth, they strive to make sure that your entire mouth is clean and healthy.

Our hygienists perform countless cleanings every year, and this makes them best placed, not only to deliver an exceptional quality clean but also to spot any problems that may be developing and that require examination by Dr. Holcroft. Identifying these early enables prompt diagnosis and timely treatment, which could stop a dental problem from spreading, causing pain and other unpleasant symptoms, and requiring much more invasive treatment.

Why is routine cleaning by a professional needed in addition to your at-home dental hygiene routine?

Your hygienist or dentist not only has purpose-built tools that make it possible to access and clean those hard-to-reach areas, but they also have far better visibility of the inside of your mouth. This means that they can spot areas where plaque or tartar has been able to accumulate and arrange for these to be thoroughly cleaned so that they do not pose a threat to your dental health in the future.

Other benefits of attending routine dental cleanings with our skilled and compassionate dental team include:

- Regular dental cleanings can help keep periodontal disease at bay. Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is an inflammatory condition that can cause bad breath, bleeding gums and lead to tooth loss. Studies have also found links between advanced gum disease and other health problems including heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s disease, and stroke.

- Many dental plans include routine cleanings, meaning you have the opportunity to save money on your dental care by taking advantage of this aspect of your policy.

- Oral cancer claims the life of around one person every hour in the U.S. alone. However, oral cancers are often treatable and curable if detected early enough. Our hygienists are experts at spotting signs that could indicate cancer, enabling us to get treatment started immediately.

- Our hygienists can remove some of the stains and discoloration that affect your teeth, helping you to achieve a whiter and more attractive smile.

Dr. Holcroft is passionate about teeth and the art of dentistry. Our entire team is dedicated to serving patients and making them feel great about their smile. Our hygienists are compassionate and take a whole mouth approach when treating patients. We hope everyone who walks in our door feels at ease and comfortable. The Holcroft team strives to offer patients a convenient and easy experience while making their smile look beautiful!