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Teeth Whitening: At Home vs. Dentist Office

Would you like to improve the color of your teeth? If so, you aren’t alone. Over the years, our teeth become darker as a result of the natural aging process. They are also affected by staining, thanks to the food and drinks that we consume and the habits that we develop, such as smoking. All of these contribute to our teeth becoming discolored – something which can leave us feeling self-conscious or even embarrassed about their appearance.

Transform your smile with Veneers

A great smile is a feature that can fill us with confidence and enable us to make a great first impression on those around us. However, if we dislike the appearance of our teeth, it can have the opposite effect and we may do everything that we can to avoid drawing attention to our mouth. Fortunately, if you only have some minor cosmetic defects affecting your teeth, they can be fairly easily addressed using cosmetic dentistry solutions, with veneers being one of the most popular treatments for simple smile transformations.

How to keep your teeth healthy this Halloween

Halloween doesn’t have to be horrific for your dental health. Here are our top tips on how to keep your teeth healthy this Halloween.